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American Couple Marriage Karachi

How Can American citizen marry a Pakistani?

Yes, it is possible for an American citizens to marry a Pakistani. There are a lot of…
Lawyer for Court Marriage

Why do you need a family lawyer for court marriage?

Court marriage might seem convenient at first but is not a very easy process. You can not…
Picture of an interfaith marriage

interfaith Court Marriage Laws in Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has minorities of different faiths and cultures. These minorities are Christians, Hindus…
Marrying two girls at the same time

Can a man marry two girls at the same time in Court?

Having two wives at the same time is known as the practice of polygamy. This practice of…
Court Marriage at home

Can you have a court marriage in your house?

Before answering these questions let us understand the main difference between a court marriage and an arranged…
Secret Marriage in Karachi

Is it possible to get married secretly?

The straightforward answer to the question ” is it possible to get married secretly” might be a…
Another honour killing in Karachi city court - father kills his daughter

Another honour killing in Karachi city court; father kills his daughter

Honour Killing in Pakistan is not very uncommon nowadays. Even in an open-minded society, runaway brides are…
Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Muslim men all over the world practice bigamy especially in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bangladesh…
Monogamy Marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Monogamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Monogamy is one of the widely accepted marriage systems across the globe. Almost all the cultures in…
Hindus court marriage in Pakistan

How can Hindus perform court marriage in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a lot of Hindu families living in different areas. These Hindus have their own families…
Christian court marriage laws in Pakistan

Christian Court Marriage laws in Pakistan

Christians are one of the many minorities living in Pakistan. According to Pakistani law, all minorities have…
164 statement of the bride in family court

164 statement of the bride in court marriage

Court marriage in Pakistan is one of the toughest decisions anyone can take. For girls it’s particularly…
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