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Foreign Ministry Attestation

How to Apply for MOFA Attestation in Karachi?

MOFA attestation Pakistan helps to validate your credentials which help in job processes, visa renewal, family sponsorship, or power of attorney papers to be used abroad. Many documents can be attested through online websites for example university degrees issued in Pakistan. This will help gain recognition in foreign countries.

Apply Online For a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation 

Pakistan Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation is now digitalized. The stamp is down via QR code. It can be verified by the official MOFA website or embassy. The procedure is as follows, you are required to fill MOFA attestation Pakistan online form. You will have to submit your national identity card copy along with your passport copy with the original documents for attestation. Once submitted it will take a few days for the documents to get attested.

Documents Required for Foreign Ministry Attestation in Pakistan

You are required to have the following documents available for filing a Foreign Ministry Attestation in Karachi.

1-2 photocopies of the document that needs to be attested.
2- supporting documents like passport/CNIC/NICOP
3- passport/CNIC/NICOP of witnesses

Under circumstances that hinder the application process don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will provide the best assistance to make the processing swift.


Q. What are the charges for Foreign Ministry Attestation in Karachi?

The charges range are  depending upon the documents.

Q. How much time does it take to attest a document?

It takes around 2 to 3 working days for the documents to get attested. Online attestation is quicker.

Q. Does attestation expire?

No there is no time limit to the attestation done on the documents.

Q. How are the documents stamped?

The documents that need attestation are stamped via a QR code which can easily be scanned.

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