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The True Translation of Nikah Nama And Marriage Paper in Chinese Language

Nikah nama is a marriage contract between a Muslim couple and is usually in Arabic or Urdu, depending upon the country you live in. However, sometimes, the couple has to move abroad, or one of the spouses needs the nikah nama for immigration purposes. In such cases, the country that tha couple is moving to will not accept the nikah nama written in the native language of the couple. The couples moving to China will need their Nikah nama to be translated into Chinese for the Chinese immigration authporities.


  • Title: 结婚证书 (Jiéhūn zhèngshū – Marriage Certificate)
  • Date: [Date of the marriage]

Details of the Bride and Groom:

  • 姓名 (Xìngmíng – Names) of the bride and groom
  • 出生日期 (Chūshēng rìqī – Date of birth)
  • 出生地点 (Chūshēng dìdiǎn – Place of birth)
  • 现居地址 (Xiànjū dìzhǐ – Current address)
  • 国籍 (Guójí – Nationality)

Details of the Guardian (Wali) of the Bride:

  • 姓名 (Xìngmíng – Name)
  • 与新娘的关系 (Yǔ xīnniáng de guānxì – Relationship to the bride)
  • 对婚姻的同意 (Duì hūnyīn de tóngyì – Consent to the marriage)


  • 两名成年男性证人 (Liǎng míng chéngnián nánxìng zhèngrén – Names of two male witnesses (adults))
  • 他们的地址和职业 (Tāmen de dìzhǐ hé zhíyè – Their addresses and occupations)
  • 对他们作为证人的确认 (Duì tāmen zuòwéi zhèngrén de quèrèn – Confirmation of their witness to the marriage)

Mahr (Dower):

  • 新娘和新郎商定的嫁妆金额 (Xīnniáng hé xīnláng shāngdìng de jiàzhuāng jiānguān – The amount of mahr agreed upon by the bride and groom)
  • 付款条款 (Fùkuǎn tiáokuǎn – Terms of payment)

Conditions and Terms:

  • 新娘和新郎之间任何特定条件或协议

Acceptance and Declaration:

  • 新娘、新郎和证人的同意和声明
  • 相关方的签名 (Xiāngguān fāng de qiānmíng – Signatures of the parties involved)

Officiator’s Statement:

  • 主持婚礼的人的声明

Seals and Signatures:

  • 主持人、新娘、新郎和证人的官方印章和签名


a professional legal translator does not provide this translation; therefore, it is suggested that you run this document through your immigration lawyer’s eyes and get his approval first to avoid any hurdles.

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