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10 Reasons Why Karachi is the Perfect Destination for Marriages

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Are you planning a destination wedding or court marriage in Karachi? Then you have made one of the wisest decisions of your life and here are 10 Reasons Why Karachi is the Perfect Destination for marriages.

1. Karachi has the most beautiful marriage halls

One of the main reasons why anyone should get married in the City of Lights is the beautiful marriage halls including halls like Modern Palace Banquet and Casamento. You can book any hall of your liking for court marriage also and you won’t ever regret marrying in Karachi.

2. You can have an outdoor wedding at the beach

Karachi has left all the big cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi behind just because it has a sea view. You cannot have a Destination sea view wedding anywhere in Pakistan but just in Karachi. There are so many resorts that can host your wedding with a mesmerizing view of the sea.

 3. Perfect weather for marriages

Weather plays a very vital role in your wedding so plan it accordingly. But if you are getting married in Karachi you do not have to worry about the chilli weather as the weather is quite pleasant even during winter so you can have a perfect wedding even in November or December without the fear of cold weather.

4. The most Affordable wedding destination

Weddings nowadays have become a show of money and can cost you your kidney in current inflation. Karachi, however, is one of the most affordable options for your wedding as everything is available at reasonable prices.

5. You will get many options

Karachi being a big city in Pakistan has a lot of variety. We are not just talking about variety in Fashion and clothing but overall. Even if you have to select the perfect wedding hall on a low budget, unlike other main cities. Here you will get tons of options that are low-budget but high-end.

6. The food is amazing

We all go to marriages for food, right? So the good always has to be on point. Well, worry not as you are getting married in Karachi and the food at your wedding will be scrumptious. From Nalli biryani to sweets, food in Karachi is finger-licking.

7. Has top-notch designers

If you are up for a designer dress for your wedding then you can find hundreds of options in Karachi as the city has got some top-notch designers like Nomi Ansari and Zainab Chotani.

8. Has amazing wedding planners

If you are getting married in Karachi don’t worry about the event planners as Karachi has tons of them including  Evento and Elite events.

 9. The bride will get a dreamy makeover

The bride’s makeover is what everyone is worried about constantly even before the marriage ceremony. But with amazing makeup studios in Karachi like Rida Fatima Salon, Anam Farooq Makeup and Ayesha Mushtaq you can never look bad at your wedding.

10. People here are amazing

Last but not least, the people of Karachi are amazing both inside and out. You would never feel alone in Karachi and people would love to help you out.





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