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NADRA Birth Certificate - Court Marriage Karachi

How to Apply For a Nadra Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is an important document in Pakistan. Every institution and company will ask you to show your birth certificate. Even during the Visa process, you would need to provide your birth certificate. Therefore, it is necessary to get it from the concerned department. If you are from Karachi and need to get your Birth certificate, the process is simpler than you thought.

Online Application For Birth Certificate in Karachi:

You can apply for a Birth Certificate in two ways. One way is to get an online application form for a birth certificate and submit it by attaching scanned copies of all the required documents. The other way is to download the birth certificate and fill it out manually. You then have to submit this application form to your union council along with the required documents. However, if you have any issues regarding the online application for the Birth Certificate, you can contact us anytime and we will assist you in this regard.

Documents Required to Apply For a Birth Certificate in Pakistan:

You are supposed to provide or attach the following documents while applying for a birth certificate in Karachi.

● Child’s CNIC photocopy (only if his or her age is above 18)
● Hospital birth certificate (provided at the time of birth)
● Father’s CNIC Photocopy
● Mother’s CNIC Photocopy
● Passport of the child (only if present)

If you have all the documents and you have filled the form accurately you will get your Birth certificate easily.


● What is the application fee for a birth certificate in Karachi?

The fee is supposed to be around Rs 2000 to 5000 if it’s not urgent.

● Who is not eligible to get a birth certificate in Pakistan?

Every resident of Pakistan is allowed to receive a birth certificate except for the ones who are not Pakistan nationals.

● Can those who do not have their Hospital birth certificates get it?

Yes, they can also get it easily.

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