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Affidavit of Free will

Affidavit of Freewill - Court Marriage Karachi

What is the Affidavit of Free Will? ​

Court marriages have been becoming popular in recent years. Girls leave their homes due to several reasons including disapproval from parents, in the name of love, and many more. To register their court marriage and to protect themselves the couple has to go through a lot of legal formalities including providing an affidavit of free will.

The affidavit of free will is a very important document for the protection and legal aid of the couple. It is mainly signed by the girl as almost in all cases the girl has to leave her house. Therefore, she has to sign this document in order to tell the court that she has left with her own choice.

Importance of Free will in Pakistan:​

In 90% of court marriage cases when a girl leaves her house, her parents lodge FIR. They mainly lodge FIR for kidnapping or theft if the girl leaves with jewelry or money. So if the girl signs this affidavit stating she has not been abducted nor did she make any money, then this affidavit will strengthen her case.

After getting a signed affidavit of free will the court will allow the girl to stay with her husband. Moreover, the judge will declare that the theft allegations were also wrong as per the affidavit. This same document has played a very important role in the famous Dua Zahra case. The case took a decisive turn when Dua signed an affidavit of free will. Therefore, this single document holds a lot of weight in the cases of court marriage especially.

Contents of Affidavit of Free Will

Affidavit of free can have the following contents or points:

  • The girl has left the home of her own will
  • She has not taken anything from home
  • She had married the boy out of free will
  • No one has forced her in any way
  • Circumstances that led to the court marriage
  • She has not been abducted
  • She is an adult and can decide her future on her own

Overall these were the major points that one can state in their affidavit of free will. However, if you wish to add something else and can not find a suitable lawyer for your affidavit of free will, we at Court Marriage Karachi can help you out. Our lawyers will make you a customized affidavit in very little time. So, call us right now if you or anyone needs free will.

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