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Born in America, but I am getting married in Pakistan; what will be the process?

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Are you an American citizen who has come to Pakistan and wants to get married here? Do you not know the exact process of getting married in Pakistan as an American citizen? If yes, this article is your answer to all the questions that you have in mind regarding a foreigner court marriage in Karachi Pakistan.

A Guide for American Citizens to Get Court Marriage:

Get a CNI (Certificate of No Impedance)

The first step towards getting married as a US citizen in Pakistan is to get a CNI. You have to get your hands on this certificate before your American court marriage ceremony, as it states that you are free to marry in Pakistan. You can obtain CNI from the US consulate or embassy, and you will be required to show that certificate to the Pakistani embassy. To obtain this certificate, you will have to visit the embassy and show them all your identification documents like passport and proof of citizenship.

Conduct a Court Marriage Event:

The most important step is to conduct a court marriage event as per your religion. So after you have tha CNI document, you will be free to arrange a marriage papers through family lawyer and get married according to your religious and societal norms. You can even get married in court if you do not want a traditional wedding.

Register Your Court Marriage:

After the ceremony, the first thing that you have to do is to register your marriage with Pakistan’s local authorities with the help of best lawyers in Karachi. Take your passport, Visa, identification documents and CNI with you to the local registration authorities in Pakistan and register your American court marriage. If you do not know about the required documents and the correct procedure for registration, you can visit your nearest Nadra office, and they will register your marriage.

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