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Can Two Foreigners Perform Court Marriage in Pakistan

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Foreigners Marriage Karachi

The straightforward answer to this question is Yes, you can get married in Pakistan even if you hold a foreign nationality. Therefore if you are living abroad and need to get married in Pakistan you don’t have to worry much about the process as we are going to break the process down into simple steps for you.

Following are the steps you have to follow if you are a foreign couple and want to get married in Pakistan.

Get yourself a lawyer:

If you are a foreigner and want to get married in Pakistan the first thing that you should do is to get yourself a lawyer. As you are a foreigner you won’t be aware of the legal processes related to marriage in Pakistan so it’s better to consult a lawyer.

Get a valid visa:

Your next step should be to get a valid visa for both you and your spouse. You can get any type of visa including a visit visa or business visa upon the type of stay.

Get the Marriage rituals done:

 The next and most crucial step is to get your marriage rituals done as per your religious saying. If you are a Muslim couple you will have to get a manual Nikah Nama and perform the Nikah ceremony in front of a marriage registrar. However, if you are a Christian or a follower of any other religion you can get your marriage rituals done in the church or any other place you want.

Get your Marriage Registration Certificate:

The last step would be to register your marriage after performing marriage rituals. Your Lawyer will gather all the necessary documents and will submit them on your behalf. After a few days, you will get your marriage certificate and you are officially married.



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