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How to Apply For A Nadra Death Certificate in Karachi

The death certificate is one of the most important documents for a person who has deceased. The document would be needed for all the processes related to the dead person, including his inheritance, will etc., so as soon as a person dies, his immediate relatives must make his death certificate from Nadra’s office. The process to do so is mentioned below in simple steps.

Visit Your NADRA office in Karachi:

The first thing you have to do is to visit your nearest Nadra office and ask for the requirements. This way, you would be able to understand the procedure and would be able to gather the correct documentation.

Gather The Required Documents:

The documents that you would require for making a Nadra death certificate in Karachi are as follows

  • The death certificate from the hospital in which the person has died
  • Slip from the graveyard
  • CNIC of the dead person
  • CNIC of the one who is applying for the death certificate
  • CNIC of the dead person’s father or any blood relative

    Note: bring along the copies of all the documents mentioned above

Fill Out and Submit The Application Form:

You can obtain the application form for death certification from the Nadra office in two ways. One way is to visit their website and download the application form, and the other way is to visit the Nadra office and get it by hand. Either way, you would have to obtain the application form and submit it after filling out all the information that you have been asked on the form.

Moreover, attach copies of all the documents that we have mentioned above and make sure to add all the details correctly in the form, as those details would later be mentioned on the death certificate.

Pay the Fee:

After submitting the application form, the officials would ask you to pay the fee based on the type of delivery you want. In case you want to get the death certificate urgent basis, you would have to pay a higher than normal fee otherwise, you would be asked to pay the minimal standard fee for the application of the death certificate.

Once you have paid the fee and have submitted the documents along with the filled form, you have officially applied for the Nadra death certificate, and you will receive the certificate from the same Nadra office that you have applied to. come to the office on the mentioned date and receive the death certificate and make sure to read out all the details mentioned on the certificate for accuracy before leaving the  Nadra office.

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