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Nadra Marriage Certificate

NADRA Marriage Certificate - Court Marriage Karachi

Procedure of NADRA Marriage Certificate​

Marriage certificate from NADRA is a very major document to prove marriage between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan and other countries. Unlike the Urdu Nikkah Nama and the English Marriage Certificates from NADRA Pakistan is fully computerized and a more authentic document. Anyone married in Pakistan can apply for a marriage certificate from NADRA Pakistan if they have already obtained the official Urdu Nikkah Nama or English manual marriage certificates from Pakistan. People with early marriage dates can also obtain a NADRA marriage certificates if they still have a copy of the official Nikahnama on their registry. In many countries, only NADRA certificates are accepted from Pakistanis to prove the marriage contract between husband and wife. Pakistanis abroad need a marriage certificate from NADRA Pakistan for immigration process, family visa, or matters like divorce.

Documents Required to Obtain a Certificate ​

  • Copy of CNIC / Passport from groom
  • Copy of CNIC / Passport from bride
  • Copy of CNIC / Passport from father & mother of bride
  • Copy of CNIC / Passport from father & mother of groom
  • Copy of CNIC / Passport from Molvi (Nikkah Khawan)
  • Copy of Official Marriage Certificate (Nikkah Nama)

Procedures for Obtaining Marriage Registration Certificate 

To obtain the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates, the applicant must visit the relevant issuance department (union councils, TMAs, cantonal offices, etc.). There he will manually fill out the order form with its details carefully to avoid any error or delay. After applying, the NADRA Marriage Registration can be issued approx. 5-10 working days depending on workload and other factors in the relevant issuance office.

We can also assist you in attesting the NADRA Marriages Registration from a Notary Public, First Class Judge, Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Embassy, UAE Embassy, Embassy of Qatar, Oman Embassy, or any other authority as per your requirements. . But this will be seen as a separate task and additional documentation and time will be required for this process. Marriage registration certificate fee of seldom Relevant issuance departments can better display their official rates for NADRA Marriage Registration processing because these fees can vary in different cities. Track / Verify NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates Online Unfortunately, online verification of NADRA marriage registration certificate is not available in Pakistan for the general public and this can only be done by calling or visiting the issuing office itself.

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