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How to Apply for an UnMarried Certificate?

An unmarried Certificate is proof of the single status of a person. The affidavit declares that their son is a bachelor and is not married in Pakistan. This certificate is needed for the marriage of overseas Pakistanis to someone living abroad. Online application for this certificate is not possible. You can apply by yourself or through any lawyer.

Apply online for an Unmarried Certificate in Karachi.

You cannot apply online for an unmarried certificate in Karachi. You will have to get a stamp paper which will be issued on the CNIC of any close relative of yours. An affidavit will be drafted on the stamp paper either by you or by some professional assistance. The stamp paper which will be issued on the CNIC of any of your close relatives will be needed. The affidavit needs to be signed. You will have to get it attested by the union council head and also by the notary public. Lastly, you will have it attested by the ministry of foreign affairs for international recognition.

Documents Required for Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan

The following documents are necessary when applying for an UnMarried Certificate in Karachi.

* Applicant’s ID card copy
* Applicant’s passport copy
* Parents or siblings’ ID card copy
* Two witnesses’ ID card copy
* An affidavit from the parents and witnesses proving that the applicant is single
* Marital status report from Nadra

If there is any issue encountered during the application process feel free to reach out to us and we will ensure that the processing is smooth and swift.


● How much does an unmarried certificate cost in Karachi?

The fees for an unmarried certificate in Karachi vary depending on the circumstances and requirements of the person.

● For how long is the unmarried certificate valid?

The unmarried certificate is valid for up to 6 months after which you can reissue it.

● How long does it take for the unmarried certificate to get delivered?

The union council will issue an unmarried certificate within 5-7 working days.

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