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Police protection from Families

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Police Protection from Families

Court marriages in Pakistan have to face a lot of problems. The couple has to go to court several times to complete the legal procedures. Court marriage itself is not a very difficult process but the thing that makes it difficult is the family of the bride mostly. Usually, the family does not accept the marriage and poses harm to the couple. Therefore, the couple has to record their statements and has to go through many other court formalities. One of them is police protection from families, in cases where the family is threatening to kill the boy or the girl.

How to get police protection from families?

If the couple feels that the girl’s family or anyone’s family is a threat to their life they can seek police protection. For this, they have to go to the magistrate and record their 164 statements mentioning why they are seeking police protection and which type of threats they are getting. Moreover, they will file a petition with the help of a lawyer for their safety. In the past, the girl had to go to the city where her parents had lodged an FIR which was very dangerous. But now according to the new law, the girl can record her 164 statement in front of any local magistrate.

Police protection from Court Marriage Karachi Lawyers

Court marriage Karachi is the platform where you can easily sort out all the legal proceedings after your court marriage. Our lawyer will help you record your statement 164 in front of the local magistrate and will be your right hand throughout the process. Moreover, they are experienced in filing petitions for police protection from families. In short, with our skilled team of lawyers, you do not have to worry about your safety or the hassle of getting police protection.

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