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How to Register Canadian Muslim Court Marriage in Karachi

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A huge number of Muslim couples are living in Canada, and a lot of them get married there as well. But what if you want your marriage that happened in Canada to get registered in Pakistan as well? In that case, the process is very simple and is mentioned below:

How to get your Canadian Marriage Registered in Pakistan?

Step1: Get the Photocopy of Your Foreign Marriage Certificate:

When you get married abroad, you will get a marriage certificate issued by the relevant authorities of that country. In order to register your Canadian marriage in Pakistan, you will need a photocopy of your foreign marriage certificate. If the certificate is in English, you can get it translated into Urdu.

Step 2:  Get NOC From the Consulate or the Embassy:

The next and most crucial step is to get a no-objection certificate from your country’s embassy, which is based in Pakistan. The certificate suggests that the Canadian government has no objection to the registration of marriage in Pakistan and also guarantees that the certificate is original.

Step 3: Hire a Lawyer For Foreign Court Marriage 

To be honest, you can do the next step yourself too but it’s better to hire a lawyer as he will be skilled in such matters. Your should provide your lawyer with all the documents needed including your CNIC of both husband and wife, the Canadian marriage certificate, passport and your photos. The lawyer will submit all the document on your end and will also take you to the union councel for verification. Once the documents have been submitted you will have to wait for the verificationa and you will get your marriage registered as soon as the union council verifies your documents


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