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Pakistani Passport

How to Apply For Pakistani Passport?

Pakistani passport proves the national identity. It is an important identification and is required for travelling abroad. It is also crucial for many international educational purposes.

Apply Online For Pakistani Passport in Karachi?

You will have to visit the website. Click on the get started button after which you are required to register your account. Overseas applicants can use email verification while Pakistani applicants can use SMS and email verification. You will now create an application for passport. Fill in the details for your application. Provide your address for machine readable passport delivery. Pay the fee. Fill in the personal details and permanent addresses. Upload your photograph along with the supporting documents. You will now download the form and add your fingerprints. Scan the application and upload it. After signing the declaration submit your application.

Documents Required for a Passport in Pakistan

The following documents should be available for filing an application for Pakistani passport in Karachi:

  1. Original Bank Paid Fee Challan (receipt) of prescribed fee.
  2. Original Valid CNIC/NICOP with a photocopy.
  3. Previous Passport in original with its photocopy, (if issued).
  4. NOC in case of a Government Servant.
  5. Foreign Passport along with its photocopy, for Dual-Nationals only.
  6. Missing passport Police report, mentioning previous passport number.


If there is any hindrance in the application process feel free to reach out to us and we will sort the problem out for you.


Q. Can I apply online for a Pakistani passport?

You are required to visit the relevant passport office if you are acquiring the passport for the first time. Passport renewal can be done online.

Q. How long does it take for the passport to be delivered?

It takes around 2-10 working days for the passport to be delivered depending on the urgency of the application.

Q. How long does the Online Application Process take?

It takes around 16-20 minutes to complete the whole application process online.

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