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Pakistan is a country that has minorities of different faiths and cultures. These minorities are Christians, Hindus and Jews as well. Are interfaith marriages among these faiths allowed in Pakistan? The answer is a little complicated and to know the answer let’s get into the details.

What are interfaith marriages?

Interfaith marriages are marriages that happen between two different faiths. For instance, if a Muslim boy marries a Christian girl then their marriage will be referred to as interfaith marriage.

Are interfaith marriages allowed in Pakistan?

The answer is “interfaith marriages are allowed in Pakistan but not among all faiths. There are several faiths in Pakistan and one can not do interfaith marriage with all of them.

What type of interfaith marriage is allowed in Pakistan?

The only types of interfaith marriage that are allowed in Pakistan are a Christian/ Muslim wedding or a Muslim/Jew marriage. All other interfaith marriage like Hindu/Muslim wedding or Muslim/Sikh wedding is strictly prohibited.

What are the laws for interfaith marriage in Karachi?

The laws against interfaith marriages are clearly mentioned in Pakistani jurisprudence. Firstly, a Muslim man can only marry a Muslim, a Christian or a Jewish woman. He is not allowed to marry a woman from any other religion. Secondly, if a man marries a Christian or Jewish woman, she doesn’t have to change her religion before getting married. However, if a man wishes to marry a Hindu or Sikh woman, she has to become a Muslim First. Thirdly, a Muslim woman can not marry a Christian man until he converts to Islam. Lastly, interfaith marriages among other sects like Hindu, Sikh etc are illegal and will be regarded as premarital relationships.

In conclusion, interfaith marriage in Pakistan is only allowed if you are a man, for women, it’s not legally allowed to go for an interfaith marriage.

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