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Is it possible to get married secretly?

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Secret Marriage in Karachi

The straightforward answer to the question ” is it possible to get married secretly” might be a difficult one. Because getting married secretly is not a difficult task but it takes a lot of courage. Several reasons might force someone to get married secretly including, strict parents, love marriage, second marriage and fear of families. So it is possible to get married secretly but you have to consider a few things mentioned below:

Hire a court marriage lawyer who can keep your privacy

If you have to get married in secrecy you have to hire a lawyer who would keep your marriage private. Your lawyer must be vigilant and would do everything on his own so that you won’t have to visit court often.

Get married in your lawyer’s office

If you have to keep your marriage a secret you have to get married in your lawyer’s office. The lawyer will arrange a Nikah registrar and two witnesses for your Nikah and will conduct it in his office or at his place. Another way is to get married in court but that would be a risky move as courtrooms are always crowded and your privacy will be at risk.

Get several copies of Nikah Nama and other documents

If you have no plans to involve your family while getting married then be prepared for everything. Keep several copies of your Nikah Nama and other legal documents like marriage certificates. You can ask your lawyer to keep the original documents in case you get caught.

Get a separate place

Be prepared to move out of your house in case you get caught. If it’s your first marriage you may have to move out of your parent’s house the moment they get to know about your secret marriage. However, if it’s your second marriage you can keep your spouse in a separate house as she will be safe there.

In conclusion, it is possible to get married secretly if you work smartly and plan for all the circumstances beforehand.

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