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Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

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Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Muslim men all over the world practice bigamy especially in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This practice is also very common for Pakistani men and several families are living in bigamous family systems.

Bigamy and its causes

Bigamy is basically a term used when a man marries another woman in the presence of his first wife. It means a man who marries twice is in a Bigamous system.  Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan are more common as compared to polygamy marriages. Wives living in bigamy marriages live in separate houses and in rare cases, they live together in the same house. In addition, the main reason for bigamy marriages is the lack of understanding between the first wife and husband or no Children even after many years of marriage.

Pakistani law on bigamy marriages

Islam allows men to marry twice and even marry four times at once. But if there is a chance of injustice between the wives, men should marry only one woman. Moreover, Pakistani law also follows Islamic protocol and it is totally legal for a man to marry twice even in the presence of a first wife. However, it is compulsory for every man to treat all his wives equally in terms of finance and care.

The legal procedure for Bigamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

The process of Bigamy marriage is the same as that of the first marriage. The bride and groom have to first get into Nikah after performing it in front of the registrar. However, for any marriage after the first one, it is necessary to ask for the first wife’s permission. If she permits and gives written permission only then the man can marry another woman. But, if the wife is adamant about not permitting without a solid reason the man can go to court and file a case.

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