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Story about Online Court Marriage with a Foreigner in Pakistan

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online court marriage with Foreigner

I never knew it would be so easy to perform online court marriage with my foreigner fiancée. I always loved a girl who lived outside of Pakistan and I wanted to marry her. At that time I did not know anything about marrying a foreigner. We were really confused at that time that how we would marry each other.

We talked to many people about the solutions but none seemed to be the right one. It was a really difficult moment for us. At one point we even neglected the thought of marrying each other, but we still had hopes. We continued to try our luck.

Legal Advice From Online Court Marriage Lawyer

One day someone told me that I should talk to a lawyer, and the person gave me much hope and told me that the lawyer will solve my problem through international online court marriage in Karachi. I was still confused about it and I thought to discuss it with my other half. We decided that we will go for it as it was the last option we had.

The next day I went to the court marriage advocate and he asked me to tell him the whole situation. I told him everything from tip to toe and he told me not to worry about it. After that, he analyzed the situation and asked me some basic questions.

After all of it, he briefly explained it to me and assured me that the problem will be fixed. I was so happy and finally, I had something to count on. I called her and told her about the whole situation and she got really excited too. We both were really happy at the moment.

He told us to bring some of the documents like our birth certificates, pictures, my CNIC, and her passport. We gave him all the required documents and pictures and he told us to come the other day.

The next day we went to the marriage registrar and he handled all the documents and we were done. Now we were legally married. It took us moments, and we were so really happy about it. The process was really easy and simple with the help of a court marriage advocate in Karachi.

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