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How to Apply For a No Entry Certificate?

No entry certificate is issued when the birth certificate is not available. This document works as an alternative proof of birth for those who are not eligible to obtain a birth certificate from NADRA. If one is a foreign-born Pakistani or the birth date is too old and unregistered then this certificate comes in handy.

Apply online for a Non Availability of Birth Certificate

To get a no-entry birth certificate in Karachi, you need to visit the issuing department. That is KMC. You will be asked to fill out an application form and provide the relevant documents. After submission of the application, you will have to wait for the certificate to be delivered.

Documents Required for No Entry Certificates in Karachi:

To apply for a no-entry certificate you are required to have the following documents:

1- A copy of the applicant’s valid CNIC/ NICOP
2- Copy of applicant’s valid passport
3- A copy of the parents’ CNIC
4- Affidavit from parents confirming applicant’s place and date of birth
5- Application for issuance of No Entry Certificates

If there is any issue faced during the application process feel free to reach out to us and we will sort out the hindrance to make the processing efficient.


• How much is the fee for a Non Availability of Birth Certificate Karachi?

The fee for an entry birth certificate is around Rs5000. This varies in different cities.

• How long does it take to receive a no-entry certificates in Pakistan?

The no-entry birth certificate will be issued within 3-5 working days after the submission of the application. This depends on the workload too.

• Who is eligible for a no-entry birth certificate?

If the birth date is old and unregistered, pre-partition births, unavailability of mandatory documents and if the place of birth is not Pakistan then the applicant can file for a no entry birth certificate.

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