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Court Marriage Requirements And Procedures for German Couples

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There are a lot of Muslim Pakistanis living in Germany, and most of them have also got German nationalities. If you are a Pakistani living in Germany who wants to marry a Muslim Pakistani, the marriage process there might not seem attractive to you therefore if you want to get married in Pakistan through court, here’s how you can do so.

How can a German couple do court marriage in Pakistan?

If any German couple wants to go for a court marriage as per Pakistani law, they can do so in two ways. One, they can do so by coming back to Pakistan and following the steps below:

  • Hire a court marriage lawyer or consultant: their first step would be to hire an eligible court marriage lawyer or consultant who would guide them through all the steps and let them know about all the documents they would need for the court marriage.
  • Get the Nikah Ceremony done: this is one of the most important steps of every court marriage, as the foundation of marriage in Pakistan is based on Nikah. So they will have to perform the obligatory Nikah procedure either in court or in their lawyer’s office in the presence of any authentic Nikah registrar.
  • Get your Nikah Nama and marriage certificate: the last step is to get the manual Nikah nama and the marriage certificate from Nadra and you are good to go.

The other way is to get your court mrriage done online through a reputable online marrige firm. You can search online for such firms, tell them about your issues and that you an online court marriage. Once you hire a reputable online court marriage agency you will not have to worry about anything throughout the process.

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