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LGBT Legislation on Same Sex Marriage in Pakistan

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Naturally, a couple comprises a man and a woman however in the past few years human beings are breaking the natural rules and are going towards homosexuality. A homosexual person is someone who gets attracted towards his or her Sex or gender. Therefore a same-gender or same-sex marriage can take place between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Homosexuality has been facing a lot of backlash across the globe but there are a few countries that totally support LGBT marriages. These countries have legally allowed marriage between the same genders.

Is Same Sex Marriage is Allowed in Pakistan? 

Same-sex marriages are totally prohibited in Pakistan. That means Pakistani law does not support LGBT acts or communities in any case. The government of Pakistan has banned any marriage that goes against the natural gender rules. Therefore a marriage can only take place between a man and a woman. Any marriage that will take place between a man/man or woman/woman will be regarded as illegal marriage. Besides law, the Pakistani community and Islam also discourage same-sex marriages so it’s nearly impossible to get married to a partner from the same gender in Pakistan.

What Happens if one Goes For Same Gender Marriage in Pakistan?

As we have discussed earlier, same-gender marriages are illegal and banned in Pakistan, and one can face dire consequences if one goes for one.  According to Pakistani law, if one goes for the same gender or LGBT marriage they will have to go to Jail or in some cases will have to pay a fine as well. That means same-sex marriages are totally forbidden in Pakistan so one must not attempt it here.

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