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164 statement of the bride in court marriage

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164 statement of the bride in family court

Court marriage in Pakistan is one of the toughest decisions anyone can take. For girls it’s particularly more challenging as in our patriarchal society love marriage is considered a sin. That’s why the bride has to face more Resistance from her family as compared to the groom. Mostly, the girl’s family side lodges FIR against the boy and his family claiming that they are involved in the kidnapping or abduction of their daughter. So the girl and boy have to prove that they have married by their own choice and the girl has not been abducted or forced by anyone. For this reason, the girl has to present herself in family court where she will have to give statements against the FIR lodged by her parents. This statement is actually known as the 164 statement. The couple’s lawyer will help them record this very crucial statement. The girl has to record 164 statement in the family court in front of the magistrate. He will then permit the couple to live together and will dismiss the parent’s case.

Why is 164 Statement in Court Marriage important?

164 statement in court marriage is very important as it can protect the couple in so many ways. Firstly, the statement negates the claim that the boy has forcefully married the girl. Plus, it also negates the fact that the boy’s family has been involved in the kidnapping of the bride. Secondly, this statement is proof on part of the girl that she is an adult and has every right to marry anyone of her choice. Lastly, when a girl records her 164 statement in court the couple gets police protection from families as well. Because usually, the girl’s furious family members try to harm the couple once they run away. And this statement can get the couple a safety net where no one can harm them.

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