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Can you have a court marriage in your house?


Court Marriage at home

Before answering these questions let us understand the main difference between a court marriage and an arranged marriage. Court marriage is basically not very different from that of an arranged marriage as both of them are based on common ground which is a Nikah. The main difference lies in the fact that court marriage is usually done where the families of both bride and groom are against the marriage. So you can simply hold a court marriage Nikah ceremony at home but under certain circumstances mentioned below:

If you can’t go to court for security reasons

Sometimes the couple who is going for a court marriage leave their home and get life threats. In such cases, they can not go to court as they have fears. Therefore, the couple can ask their lawyer to get their Nikah done at home. They only need witnesses and a Nikah registrar at home to get married.

If the family is involved in court marriage

Usually, the families of both the boy and the girl are against the court marriage. But there are a few situations where the couple has to get to go for court marriage with the approval of their families. In such cases, the couple can have their Nikah at home and later they can register their marriage in court.

If the couple opts for online court marriage

The world has advanced and so is the way of court marriage. There are a lot of online legal firms that can get your court marriage done online. So if you go for online court marriage services then you can get it done at home easily.

If you have any questions regarding online court marriage consultation or court marriage at home, feel free to contact us any time.

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