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Court Marriage Requirements for Tourists and Expats in Karachi

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In a world where new technologies are emerging and people have become nearer due to advanced telecommunications networks, getting married to someone living in an entirely different country is no longer a new thing. You can now get in touch with a person living miles away and can develop a strong understanding and later decide to marry them.  Similarly, it’s very easy for foreigners to like someone from Pakistan and then get married to them. The court marriage however will take place according to Pakistani marriage laws. To understand these laws, let’s talk about the Court Marriage Requirements for Tourists and Expats in Karachi.


What Do Expats and Tourists Require While Getting Married in Pakistan?


Following are the documents and other criteria that all Tourists and expats have to fulfil if they are getting married to a Pakistani National in Karachi.


  • The expat or Tourist should have a valid visa while going for court marriage registration. The visa can either be a visit visa or a tourist visa depending upon the type of stay.
  • If the expat is marrying a Pakistani in Karachi then they would need to bring 6 passport-size photos of both partners. However in other cities of Pakistan like Lahore, they would only have to get 4 photos.
  • While applying for a court marriage registration the partner who is a Pakistani national would be asked to show his or her national identity card.
  • If it’s a second marriage for any one of the partners then they will have to bring the relevant documents like the divorce certificate or death certificate of the spouse in case of the partner’s death. However, if these documents are in any other language than English, they will have to be translated.
  • Another important thing is the witnesses so the couple can bring along their own two witnesses (male) but if they don’t have any the court or lawyer can also provide them with the witnesses.

A Step-by-Step Process for Expats and Tourists to Get Married to a Pakistani Citizen

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to marry a Pakistani national if you are an expat or a tourist in Karachi.

Get a Family Lawyer

First thing get yourself a family lawyer because you as a foreigner might not be able to accommodate Pakistani court marriage laws and requirements. This way you won’t have to go to Nadra’s offices and search for reliable witnesses as the lawyer will take care of all these things. If you are looking for a reliable lawyer for your marriage then is the one place that you should go to.

Get the Marriage Rituals Done

 If both partners are Muslims then the next step would be to get the marriage rituals done religiously. For Muslims, the lawyer will conduct your Nikah ceremony through a marriage register in front of the witnesses and you will get your NikahNama (Marriage Papers). In the case of non-muslim couples the marriage rituals will take place according to their own religion.

Get your Nadra Marriage Certificate

 The last step would be to ask your lawyer for a marriage certificate. The lawyer will apply for a nadra marriage certificate on your behalf and you will get it as soon as possible. Once you have that certificate, you will officially be considered husband and wife.

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