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What is the Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan?

Procedure of Court Marriage

What is the Court Marriage Procedure in Karachi, Pakistan

Curious about what is the procedure of court marriage in Karachi Pakistan? Don’t worry we will tell you everything briefly. Many people think the procedure of court marriage will be difficult and complicated but it’s not, instead it is really easy, you just have to fulfill the requirements of court marriage that are:

1. The age of both bride and groom should be 18 or above, as per the law.

2. Consent of both bride and groom is required, the consent should be free without any constrain or threat.

Court Marriage Document Requirements

1. The couple has to show a reliable source of their identification. NIC or Passport (Preferred) is required and If the couple doesn’t have their NIC or Passport they can also show their Matriculation or Form “B”.

2. Passport must be given if any of them is a foreigner.

3. Two male witnesses are required at the time of marriage.

4. The couple should submit 6 passport size copies each.

5. Affidavit of “free will” from the Bride’s side will be required.

6. Original Divorce certificate or Death certificate is required of the deceased partner, In case of second marriage by the Bride.

7. The permission of the first wife is required, in case of a second marriage by the groom. The first wife can file a case against her husband, If the groom does not have the permission for his second marriage, so it is preferred that the groom should submit a permission or NOC letter of first wife.

Documents You Will Receive After Marriage

1. Marriage Certificate

2. Attested copy of free will.

3. Attested copy of affidavit.

4. Attested copy statement before the court.


There is no specified fee in Karachi Pakistan. All the expenses depends on the services and lawyers you choose, and if you want to send the marriage documents to another location it will cost you separately, as it would require sending charges too.

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