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How to Successfully Plan an overseas court marriage

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Many Muslims living abroad have trouble getting married there. As they do not know the marriage rules and regulations of the foreign country. They often tend to come back to Pakistan and then perform their marriage and go back. However, in some cases that might be a problem for many people as coming back just for a court marriage might not be convenient for everyone. So if you want to successfully plan your court marriage abroad read our article till the end as we will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting married abroad.

Step-by-step process of planning a successful court marriage abroad

  •  Research about the laws

 Your step should be to Research the laws about marriage in the country where you are living because every country has its own marriage legislation. You can do so by searching online or by contacting your friends who have already been married in the same country. By researching the rules and restrictions beforehand you are less likely to face complications in the process afterwards.

     . Contact your embassy or consulate

If you can not figure out the rules and the correct way to get married abroad, you can contact the Pakistan embassy or the consulate. They will guide you about the correct and legal way of getting married abroad.

  • Gather all the necessary documents

Next, you can gather all the documentation that you would need at the time of Nikah or marriage registration. The documents include birth certificates, passport-sized photos, passports and any other documents that the embassy tells you about.

  • Contact your local Muslim court or Islamic centre

The next step for you would be to look for any authentic Muslim court where you can perform the Nikah. You can also contact your local Islamic centres as they are also authorised to carry out Muslim marriages. If you have difficulty in finding an authentic place you can ask your married friends and family or the embassy.

  • Perform the Nikah ceremony

Even if you are getting married via court, getting your Nikah done is obligatory in a Muslim marriage. So you have to first perform your Nikah in order to get your marriage certified Islamically. For this you would obviously need witnesses so try to find witnesses beforehand. Your Nikah will be carried out in the presence of a judge or a Nikah registrar of the Islamic centre and they will hand you out the Nikah Nama.

  • Register your marriage

The last and most important part is to register your marriage in a foreign country. Even after getting the Nikah Nama, some countries would ask you to register the marriage as per the country’s laws. So ask your embassy or the legal authorities how you can register the marriage. They will let you know about the requirements and once you have registered your marriage in that country you will get your marriage certificate and you will be officially pronounced as husband and wife.


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