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Monogamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

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Monogamy Marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Monogamy is one of the widely accepted marriage systems across the globe. Almost all the cultures in this world are in favour of Monogamous marriages. The term monogamy refers to a system where a man only marries one woman at a time. This widely accepted system is also very popular in Karachi, Pakistan. Moreover, Monogamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan have higher success rates as compared to bigamy and polygamy marriages.

Is the monogamous marriage system better?

Bigamous marriages have several benefits and are better than the rest of the marriage systems including bigamy and polygamy. Firstly, it provides emotional stability for the wife and in return, she will make efforts to make this relationship work in the long term. Secondly, in recent times, inflation is at its peak and monogamy is by far the best way to deal with it. As you would only have to feed one family and a few children. Thirdly, monogamy gives rise to a stable family that is based on trust and there are no insecurities. Fourthly, the husband and wife relationship is comparatively stronger in Monogamous marriages. Lastly, multiple women cannot get along easily and the man has to sacrifice his peace of mind for that.

Monogamy and Pakistani law

There are no restrictions on monogamy in religion or even in law. You can go for monogamy easily if you are an adult and have found a suitable match. However, you can only marry the opposite sex as Pakistani law is strictly against the practices of same-sex marriages. It is important to mention here that you don’t even need the permission of your family if they are against your marriage. You can simply hire a lawyer and go for court marriage in case your family is against your choice. In short, monogamy marriages in Karachi, Pakistan are easier as compared to bigamy and polygamy marriages.

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