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Christian Court Marriage laws in Pakistan

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Christian court marriage laws in Pakistan

Christians are one of the many minorities living in Pakistan. According to Pakistani law, all minorities have the same rights as that Muslims. Christians can freely celebrate and enjoy their religious occasions and can even register their marriages. Moreover, if any Christian couple wants to marry through court, then they are free to do so. Because there is no restriction on any minority to go on with court marriage in Pakistan. However, The process and laws for Christian marriage may differ from that of Muslim court marriage.

Legal Process of a Christian Court Marriage:

The first step in any type of court marriage is to conduct the religious proceedings first. Therefore, in a Muslim court marriage process, the first step is to get the Nikah done as per Islamic law. While in Christian marriage the couple has to first say their vows and get married in front of their priest. As per law ( Christian marriage act 1876), they require two witnesses of the marriage process as well. After the couple is done performing religious obligations, they can hire a reputable lawyer. The lawyer may or may not be a Christian himself. A Muslim lawyer can also go on with the Christians court marriage case. So, the Christian couple will hire a lawyer who will carry on their legal procedures.

Christian Court Marriage Registration:

According to the Christian court marriage laws in Pakistan, the lawyer will assist them in registering their marriage in court. They can even get their marriage certificate from the court. In addition, their legal aid will assist them in their 164 statement and affidavit of free will. However, they have to register their marriage in court and in church both. Finally, if the Christian couple needs police protection from their families the court is responsible for protecting them as per the Pakistan marriage act.

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