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Why do you need a family lawyer for court marriage?

Procedure of Court Marriage

Lawyer for Court Marriage

Court marriage might seem convenient at first but is not a very easy process. You can not handle the stress and complicated court procedures on your own. Therefore it’s better to take help from a good lawyer. The lawyer will make you understand the procedure and make the necessary arrangements.

5 Reasons why hiring a Family lawyers is your best bet

● He knows the procedure better than you.

The lawyer has all the information about the court marriage legal proceedings that you do not have. So hiring him would come in handy if your case is a complicated one.

● He is experienced in handling tough cases

There are a few instances where the girl’s or boy’s family has strong connections and they can complicate the case using their influence. In such cases, the couple can not handle the stress and pressure. Here comes the role of an experienced lawyer, he will try to win the case for you despite the pressure and influence.

● He knows the requirements

The lawyer knows whatever documents are needed and will ask you to arrange them beforehand. He will get you prepared for all the hearings and will come up with a solution if you do not fulfil a specific requirement.

● He will get all the documentation done as soon as possible

During the court marriage trial, you have to get a lot of legal documents including a nikah certificate, affidavit of free will etc. It would take a lot of time to get these documents, but your lawyer will get them quickly for you and get them ready in time.

● He will represent you in court

Due to security reasons, you won’t be able to attend the court hearings every day. Your lawyer will do that on your behalf and will call you only if it’s unavoidable.

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