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Police Character Certificate

Police Character Certificate - Court Marriage Karachi

How to apply for a Police Character Certificate (PCC)?

You can easily apply online for a police character certificate in Karachi. The certificate is also known as PCC or police clearance certificate. This certificate is very vital if you have to apply for a Visa, job or immigration. The officials will need a police character certificate that will be proof of your good conduct during your stay in Karachi.

Apply online for a Sindh Police Clearance Certificate in Karachi

You can easily apply online for this certificate by searching the registration form. First, you need to fill out the form and submit it online. The consulate general will give you a reference number after the form submission. Just make sure to put accurate information and credentials on the form. Once your certificate arrives you can collect it from the national bureau of Police. You can then submit this certificate wherever it is needed and you are good to go.

Documents required for Police Character Certificate in Pakistan

If you wish to get a police clearance certificate then you must have the following documents:

● Applicant’s CNIC photocopy
● Father’s CNIC Photocopy
● Mother’s CNIC Photocopy
● 4 Passport size photos
● Any neighbour’s or reference’s CNIC photocopy
● Photocopy of Applicant’s passport

If you have trouble getting a police clearance certificate in Karachi do not hesitate to call us as we will aid you in getting it as soon as possible.


● How long will it take my Police Character Certificate to arrive?

It usually takes around 7 to 8 days for the completion of your police clearance certificate in Karachi

● How much is the Police Clearance Certificate fee in Karachi?

There is no fee if you apply online for a Police Clearance Certificate in Karachi, but the concerned departments may charge you a little for the delivery or issuing of the certificate.

● Am I eligible to get this certificate?

Yes as long as you have not been a part of any criminal activity you are eligible for getting a Police certificate in Karachi

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