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How can Hindus perform court marriage in Pakistan?

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Hindus court marriage in Pakistan

Pakistan has a lot of Hindu families living in different areas. These Hindus have their own families and they are free to marry anyone of their religion. Moreover, they can also perform court marriages, even if their families do not favor the marriage. The court marriage process for Hindu couples is not very difficult and is almost the same as that of any other court marriage including the Muslim court marriage.


Rules for Hindu court marriage in Karachi:

There are no strict rules when it comes to Hindu court marriage in Karachi. They just have to follow simple Hindu marriage rules including;

  • They should be of legal court marriage age that is 18
  • They should not have married earlier

If the girl and boy fulfill the above-mentioned criteria then they are good to go for a court marriage.


Hindu Court Marriages registration In Pakistan:

One of the most important steps of Hindus court marriage is its registration. Earlier there was no rule of Hindu marriage registration but as per the 2014 Hindu marriage act, they have to register their marriage in court. Otherwise, they need to pay a fine of around 1 lac rs.

For Hindu marriage registration, the couple can register their marriage in front of a marriage registrar appointed for Hindu marriages by the court. Later they will have to register their marriage in court by submitting the marriage registration documents. In addition, the couple will contact a lawyer who will do the further proceedings. These proceedings include the submission of an affidavit of free will, statement recording, etc. The couple will testify in front of the magistrate that they have married each other without any pressure and out of their own will. After all these legal procedures, the couple will be allowed to live with each other, and the court will declare them husband and wife.

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