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NADRA Divorce Certificate

NADRA Divorce Certificate - Court Marriage Karachi

How to apply for a nadra divorce certificate in Karachi?

Nikah is a very sacred act among Muslims. But there come a few unavoidable situations where one needs to call off the Nikah or Marriage. In such unfortunate situations, the couple mostly goes for divorce. The process of divorce is not very complicated if you can get a reputable lawyer. If you are from Karachi and have to go for a divorce, you can get in touch with our team. As We at Court Marriage Karachi are providing our high-end legal services which include Nadra divorce certification as well.

How to apply for Nadra divorce certificate in Karachi online?

This certificate serves a very important purpose for both husband and wife as they will need it in future if they go for a second marriage. And you can easily apply for a nadra divorce certificate online by just downloading or getti

Documents required for a Nadra divorce certificate in Karachi:

The step to get your Nadra divorce certificate in Karachi is to contact our lawyers and the rest will be our responsibility. You would just need to provide the following required documents

● Copy of CNIC by both husband and wife
● Copy of passport (only if available) of both husband and wife
● Both husband and wife will provide the undertaking
● Photocopy of Nikah Nama
● An attested (by a government official) Divorce affidavit issued by the court
● If the case is of Khula the couple has to submit the court divorce orders as well

Apart from the above mentioned documents, the couple would need two witnesses but if you do not have them we will arrange them for you. Moreover, if you do not have court documents like the affidavit of divorce we will assist you in getting those first. Once you provide us with all the required papers, we will get you a nadra divorce certificate on an urgent basis.


● What is the Nadra divorce certificate application fee in Karachi?
The fee usually depends upon the couple’s age and the type of delivery. For example the fee will be higher if you need an urgent divorce certificate.

● How many days will they need to deliver my divorce certificate?
If you need it on an urgent basis you will get it in 2 to 3 days otherwise it can take upto one month.

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