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How to Apply For a Notary Public Attestation

Notary attestation in Karachi is required for documents like affidavits, agreements, power of attorney, photocopy of birth certificate, marriage certificate, CNIC, passport, and degree certificates. Notarized documents can then be used for court matters and submission of documents in Govt departments and embassies. Lawyers who notaries are called  Notary Public. A fee is charged against the attestation of each paper.

Apply Online For Notary Public Attestation in Karachi

Yes. Notary attestation in Karachi can be done online. You are required to send email for  notary public with all the documents needed for notary attestation. The notary public will review the documents. If they are issued by NADRA then the attestation will be done on the same day. Documents from the FBR require verification which takes a while for attestation. The notary will attest the documents.

Documents Required for Notary Attestation in Pakistan

The following documents should be available for notary attestation in Karachi.

  • original and photocopy of documents that are to be attested
  • application form for attestation
  • original and photocopy of passport/CNIC/NICOP
  • photographs of the applicant


If there is any obstacle encountered during the application process don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We will surely assist you in the process.


Are original documents required for notarization?

Yes, original documents along with their photocopies are important for notarization. This helps check the authenticity of the documents that are to be attested.

How much is the fee for Notary Attestation in Pakistan?

Educational and identity documents are charged at Rs500 per document. Types of affidavits are charged at Rs2000 per document.

Why is notarization crucial ?

Notarization of documents is very crucial for your practical life as it is a proof that all your documents are authentic. You need these documents whenever you apply for any job or are involved in any legal process.

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