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Another honour killing in Karachi city court; father kills his daughter

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Another honour killing in Karachi city court - father kills his daughter

Honour Killing in Pakistan is not very uncommon nowadays. Even in an open-minded society, runaway brides are usually considered a disgrace to the family and are often threatened or killed. Karachi city court has witnessed one such unfortunate case where a father kills his daughter that too in the premises of the court.

It is reported that a 35 years old woman in Karachi married someone she loved. She got married without her parent’s permission and her father didn’t like this decision of hers. She had her court hearing on Monday. Reports said when she entered the court premises, her father followed her and opened fire.

The girl named Hajira was shot dead by her father and received bullets in her chest. Two more victims sustained injuries during this time. One was a policeman who was escorting Hajira to the courtroom, and the other one was a civilian who was passing by.

As per reports the father killed his daughter in the name of honor and was not happy with her marriage. The woman, however, married a doctor out of her own free will and was there in court to record her statement. Her husband also came to court on Sunday and was in prison on judicial remand.

In addition to all this, her father Lodged a kidnapping FIR when the daughter ran away with the doctor. The couple however was discovered and they claimed that the case is of love marriage rather than kidnapping and abducting.

The rage finally consumed the father and he killed his daughter in court. The police recovered the murder weapon and arrested the father for murder. The guard has also been suspended due to the negligence he showed that resulted in a man with a weapon inside the court premises.

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