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What does Pakistani Society think About Court Marriage?

Procedure of Court Marriage

What Pakistani Society Thinks About Court Marriage

Marriage is a legal right of every citizen, and they are free to choose their partner. Many people marry each other traditionally and many have court marriages. You can choose whatever you like but court marriage can be really easy and simple compared to traditional marriages. Let’s have a look at both of them.


Court marriages are economic as compared to traditional marriages. In traditional marriages you have to pay a huge amount, you have to pay for the event place, In Pakistan there are several events (at least 3) and they charge at least 0.1 million PKR per event, which is a huge amount.


At traditional weddings, you’ve to pay for the food (and too much food is wasted too) and again it costs you very much. Whereas court marriage in Karachi doesn’t cost you that much because there are not many charges related to it, you just have to pay a small amount to the registrar and you don’t need to give food to anyone. So it costs you nothing compared to traditional weddings.


At traditional weddings, you have to buy expensive clothes (which you will wear once), and on the other hand, you don’t have to buy any clothes whatsoever, so you cut off these expenses too and save more money.


Traditional weddings take too much time because of the rituals and traditions, it takes months just to prepare for marriage, so it is time-consuming. On the other hand, court marriage is fast you just have to go to the registrar and it takes less than an hour. But you have to wait for the documents which you can get in about a week or two.


In traditional weddings, many social evils are involved, like forceful marriage, child marriage, and dowry, whereas court marriage eliminates all of them because the court confirms everything, from your age to the consent of the couple.


So, you still have a choice but court marriage is better in many ways. You don’t have to pay for the place, food, and expensive clothes and can save your time too, and what is more precious than these two? and if you are confuse how to do court marriage in karachi hire our lawyers they will guide you the best and will answer your all questions regarding court marriage.

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