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legal advice for court marriage

It is very difficult for a layman to marry by his own will. As there comes a lot of legal complications once you marry without the consent of your family. The couple can especially face resistance from the girl’s family. Because they usually do not approve of their daughter’s court marriage and try to make it a case of kidnap and forced marriage. So what should one do in such court marriage cases? We recommend you should get legal advice for court marriage as soon as the Nikah process is done. Therefore, a lawyer can best guide and advise you on the legal implications of your court marriage case.


Legal advice for court marriage by a Lawyer:

As soon as you get married you should consult a reputable and competent lawyer. The lawyer will guide you throughout the process and will give you all the legal aid that you need for your case. Firstly, he will advise you on the process of marriage registration in court. Because the first step would be to make your marriage register in court. Secondly, he will advise you to get police protection in case the girl’s family has lodged an FIR against the boy. With your lawyer’s advice, you can record the 164 statement and get legal aid against the girl’s family. Lastly, the lawyer will advise you regarding the signing of an affidavit of free will. This affidavit will help the girl in stating that she is doing everything by her own wish and has not been kidnapped.


Legal advice for court marriage by Court Marriage Karachi:

If you are seeking legal advice for court marriage then our firm is the right place for you. Because we have the best lawyers who will understand your case first and then will come up with sound legal solutions for your problems. You can also get in touch with our consultation team as we are offering free consultation for all our clients.

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