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Sindh High Court Decision on Dua Zahra Court Marriage Case

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Sindh High Court Decision on Dua Zahra Case

The Dua Zahra case has been in the limelight since a teenage girl named Dua Zahra went missing. Her father reported that she had been kidnapped but later her post went viral on social media where she gave her statement online that she got married to a boy named Zaheer by her own will. The father, however, stated that she has been abducted and is forced to say these things. He then took the matter to the Sindh high court.

Dua Zahra in Sindh high court

Sindh high court summoned Dua Zahra and Zaheer on 8th June for a hearing. The court recorded their statements and allowed Dua to choose between her parents and husband. She clearly stated in the court that she wants to live with her husband and not with her parents, she married of her own free will, no one has kidnapped her and her age is 17 years old.

Dua Zahra case verdict by SHC

After the hearing, the court ordered that dua would go with her husband as she does not want to live with her parents. Moreover, the court added that according to the medical reports dua has been proved to be 17 years old. Which negates her father’s remarks about her age being less.
In addition, the bench stated that there has been no evidence of abduction which means the girl has left her parents by her own choice.

Dua Zahra’s Parents’ reaction

Besides, Dua’s Parents were also present there and the court allowed them to finally meet their daughter. Later the father claims in front of the judge that dua wants to go home and record her statement again. To which the judge remarked that she has signed an affidavit that she doesn’t want her parents so how come we can record another statement and issue another decision. Which finally made Dua Zahra leave with her husband Zaheer and her Family protested the decision that SHC issued.


To sum it up, such cases are a symbol of what our society is doing. Parents do not keep an eye on their kid’s activities and kids also have no regard for their parents. A father is fighting for his daughter but she has no sympathy for him. Moreover, keyboard warriors are giving different opinions but no one knows the real story. We all should just pray that truth prevails and that both families respectfully settle the matter.


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