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Cost of a Court Marriage in Karachi

cost of a court marriage in karachi

What is the cost of a court marriage in Karachi?

There is no fixed court marriage fee in Karachi as the cost of marrying in karachi courts varies from city to city and regions of Pakistan. Court marriage fees in Karachi depend on the circumstances in which the marriage is contracted in court so a lot also depends on the attorney. Lawyers are well paid and others have a low cost. Many people take court marriage services as very light, and since the two parties do not know much about the law, so they do not even know that one legal technique can make their lives hell and it can ruin their lives as well, so it is always a good idea to hire a family attorney and a experience family lawyer who specializes in services.

Accordingly, the court marriage fee structure also varies between states. Therefore, it is advised that you check the application fees and other fees related to the court marriage process, before proceeding.

The amount charged by court marriage lawyers

This will depend on the type of issue. The direct case is cheaper. However, if the case is complex, such as a divorce case, the attorneys may charge you a little more. In a complicated situation, attorneys may charge you fees for their legal opinions provided, in addition to fees to appear in the case.

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