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How to Get Instant Pakistani citizenship Through Court Marriage

Getting a citizenship of any country is a slow and gradual process. The same is the case with Pakistani citizenship, as it involves a series of steps. Still, if you are up for instant Pakistani citizenship, you can get it by getting married to a Pakistani national.  If you do not have any information about getting your citizenship from Pakistan by marriage, this article will serve as your guide.

Process of Getting Instant Pakistani Citizenship by Marriage

Eligibility Criteria:

If you want to attain Pakistani citizenship instantly, there are some conditions, and you should meet them. The main condition is that you should be married to a Pakistani national, either a girl or a boy. The other condition is that your spouse must have a valid identity card and should be a Pakistani citizen. Lastly, you must have been residing in Pakistan for quite some time before applying for your citizenship as per Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951.

Gather All The Relevant Documents And Submit Your Application:

Just like all other legal processes, having all the relevant documents is necessary for your citizenship application. Therefore, ask the immigration departments about the list of required documents and gather them as soon as possible. Usually, the main documents that you will need during the process will include a marriage certificate, proof of residence, a valid passport and the CNIC of your spouse, who is already a Pakistani national. All these documents will go with the application form that you will be submitting to the relevant agency or officials in Pakistan.

Background Check and Interview:

After reviewing your application form, the authorities will review your background and the authenticity of the documents. After confirming your background they will call you in for an interview. The interview will be a formal interview where you will be asked a few questions about your background and intentions towards getting citizenship of the country. Once the authorities are satisfied with your application and interview, they will approve your citizenship, but this process may take up to several months, so be patient.

Oath of Allegiance and citizenship certificate:

Once the authorities have approved your citizenship, you will be asked to take the oath of allegiance to the country. Once you have taken the oath, you will be granted a citizenship certificate, which will serve as proof of your new identity.

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